Spade Doll PRESALE Deposit

200.00  USD

No Longer Available

This is a $200 (non refundable) down payment for a completely finished sanded/painted/assembled Spade doll (estimated shipping March 2016) with 2 expressions, and a special (plain band) cowboy hat...You have the choice of making monthly payments like a layaway until your doll is paid off or paying the $300 remainder upon completion.

Spade is 43cm tall, Just under 17" inches (between the height of my Steve and Nails sculpts)
Spades foot length is 64mm-6.4cm and 25mm-2.5cm wide
His eyes are 10mm
You have the option of selecting the nude hip sculpt or the "underwear" hip sculpt from the dropdown menu.  Optional hips will be sold separately if you decide to add the other version later.  The 3D sculpt of the doll is pictured here.
Spade, like all of my dolls, is completely hand cast and created here in my studio by myself.  The finished doll is signed and numbered.
Shipping will be calculated based on actual cost and invoiced when the doll is ready.



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